He Hears from Heaven

(Adapted for Sermon Series on 2 Chronicles 7:14)

Is God active or did He create the universe with certain principles and force us to figure everything out on our own? Our answer to this question impacts our prayer life. Even the most dedicated of Christians struggles to pray. Is God even listening, why do I pray for the same things and nothing changes, sometimes I feel like my prayers do not even reach past the ceiling?

In 2 Chronicles 7:14 we are given a model for Godly contrition (humility, prayer, seek, and turn). We learn also that God’s response is active and personal. There are several promises attached to this conditional statement. First, God will hear our prayers from Heaven. The Creator, most powerful being in the universe bends His ear to hear our prayers.

Now, we often sit in a room with other people and barely listen to what they have to say. We are distracted by life, and we assume God is as well. He is not, when God hears you, He really hears you. He hears past your words and looks into your heart and your soul. When God hears, you have been heard like never before.

God hears from Heaven. I viewed my prayers as a long distance phone call to God. As if God was far off; and I had the privilege of having His phone number. However, Jesus told us that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Jesus opened the door to the Kingdom of Heaven in our midst, not far off. When we put our faith in Jesus, we trust Him for our salvation and for our acceptance into the Kingdom. And the Kingdom is here and now!

God does not hear our prayers from off; rather He is intimately close to us when we pray. The Kingdom is at hand. When we walk through the pains of life, we can trust God is there. When we have success, God is there. When we struggle through the mundane, God is there.

Spend some time thanking God for His closeness. Appreciate His calm, steady, and loving hand in your life.

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