Belief and Birth

What if you found out you were accidently switched a birth? How would that make you feel? It might explain why you are so smart and the rest of your family is…well less smart. You would know the right people did not raise you even if you found out that your true parents were not great people. Or worse, what if you found out that our real parents were actually wealthy, well adjusted people? You would feel cheated. You would still feel disconnected from your true heritage.

The Gospel of John established where Jesus came from and what he came to do. He came from heaven, he was the key figure in creation, he proceeded from God, and he came to redeem us all. In John 3, the Gospel begins to reveal how we are to be redeemed. John wanted the reader to know our own origin story is different from what we might have thought. True redemption is found in our re-origin.

The truth is most of know that our lives are not right. We know there is rampant incongruence in the world around us and in us. In John 3, Jesus introduced something profound, something that if true would explain everything. He says what we already know to be true, something is wrong, and we must be reborn out of it. We must be reborn into our intended family.

For this to happen we must reject our current brokenness (even apparent success without Jesus is brokenness). Great challenge awaits us when we reject our current situation. We know life is messed up, but we have grown too dependent on that messed up life. It has become who we are. We are not sure what a new life would look like, and we do not trust change. We already know how to handle the pain of life. We use drugs, alcohol, sports, TV, entertainment, relationships, sex, or achievement to lessen the pain. Sure these only last for a while, but we have become accustomed to them. They provide our security, even our identity.

In Christ, we learn that we were intended to be a part of more beautiful, well-adjusted family. A family where problems are not ignored or medicated, but they are dealt with. We learn that our talents and abilities are meant for much more. We learn that we are actually royalty and not intended to soil our beauty in sinful slog. We learn that we were switched at birth.

The question that stands before us all is: What will you do when you learn that you can be reborn? How will you respond? This question was asked of Nicodemus in John 3. Nicodemus had much to lose with this rebirth, but he eventually learned that he gained everything in Jesus. Somehow he realized that he needed something different, even though life was stacked in his favor.

The bridge to rebirth is simple, it's belief. We erroneously think belief is a mindset and faith is action. The Greek for both belief and faith is the SAME word. They are the same thing. True belief changes every action. Belief in Jesus adds meaning to every moment of life. Everything is redeemed. Every failure and every success is redeemed when we are reborn into our proper family.

Rebirth is challenging for those that are “winning” at life. However, we all must be confronted by the fact that this broken world eventually beats all of us, but it did not beat Jesus. He was victorious, he remains victorious, and he allows us to share in the victory. We can be reborn into victory.

In Jesus we lose nothing that matters, and gain everything irreplaceable. You have been switched at birth in way, you actually belong to Jesus, and you always have. There is a better way, His way. You have a greater heritage, His heritage. Do you believe?

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