Manifest His Glory?

I am not going to preach through John 2:1-12 this Sunday so I thought I would allow for some discussion on this passage outside our normal meeting times.

Jesus turned water into wine at the urging of his mother at the wedding feast in Cana. This story is pretty unusual. There was a mention of ceremonial purification jars. This miracle seems to come out of nowhere and does not radically alter someone's life. It seems as if Jesus does this either to satisfy his mother or to help the bride and groom save face at running out of libation.

John stated in verse 11 that this event was understood in three ways. First, this was the first "sign." Second, this sign was done in Cana of Galilee. Third, this sign "manifested his glory." As a result, his disciples "believed in his name."

I would like for you to spend some time working through this passage. Do not look to the internet for possible answers, yet. Really spend time thinking about these claims John made about the miracle. Why is this considered a sign? Why would this be the first sign even though Jesus did some miraculous things in the calling of his disciples? What is the importance of this happening in Cana of Galilee? How does this miracle manifest his glory? Would this miracle alone cause you to believe in his name? What does it mean for the disciples to believe in his name? Place yourself in the middle of this episode as a third party observer, what does this make you think about Jesus?

Once you have thought through some possible answers, feel free to look through some other resources as you study this passage.

Please comment below. I will be active in responding to comments or thoughts on this passage.

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