Other Ministries


SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:30 | SUNDAY WORSHIP 10:30AM | Wednesday devotion 6:30PM


Contacts: Lennae Warren

Welcome to Grace Church! James and Lennae Warren are here to serve you as you get connected to our church family. Our goal is for no one to feel lonely in church. We are responsible for welcoming both long time attendees and new visitors.  If you are interested in getting more connected at Grace Church, we are happy to assist you in learning more about what Grace has to offer and where you can fit in and find community. 


Contact: Don Caulley

Crosstalk Life Group is for young adults in their 20s-40s. We will build community by receiving newcomers, engage attendees spiritually in discussion on Sunday evenings, and connect individuals to other small groups. If you would like to be a part this great group, talk to Don Caulley about joining their FB Group to get all the latest info. Group typically meets every other Sunday evening with nursery provided.


Contact: Don Caulley

Our children’s Sunday school teaches the importance of having Jesus in your life, making wise choices and treating others with respect. This is done using scripture, music, art and games. Adult Sunday school meets weekly and studies a variety of books of the bible and various scriptural based topics. 


Contact: Will Jenkins

The groups associated with the Facilities Ministry are very handy! Anything that needs to be fixed, mended, added to, or spruced up goes through this ministry. They are charged with keeping the church structure and the grounds maintained and they make sure that everything is working properly and safely.


Contact: Position currently empty

The Fellowship Ministry helps coordinate fellowship events such as Wednesday night suppers and other events that give us an opportunity to gather together to promote friendships and help us strive to build a deeper relationship with God and each other. 

Helping Hands MINISTRY

Contacts: Di Lanier and Jessica Ansley

Helping Hands is an outreach ministry for our entire community to provide acts of kindness in times of need. Helping Hands is not a financial ministry, but instead a ministry in which volunteers provide services to persons who may be sick, alone or otherwise in need of help. Helping Hands provides, but is not limited to, some of the following services: visiting, sitting with, reading to people; light housework; help to make sure meals are prepared or available; running small errands; watering plants; providing respite for caregivers.

If you, or someone you know, would like to receive services, or for more information please email the church.


Contact: Phillip Odom

The Music Ministry at Grace Church exists to lead our congregation to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. The worship team consists of musicians of all ages, talents, and abilities that are committed to serving Grace Church through worship. Our style of worship blends traditional and contemporary worship to glorify the Lord and make Him the focus of our praise. If you are interested in serving on the Worship team, please contact Phillip.


Contacts: Holly Sanders

This ministry organizes and executes the decorating needs of Grace Church to create a warm atmosphere that represents GOD’s goodness, blessings, and love to others.


Contact: Brian Hays

The ministry’s mission is to glorify God by ensuring that His Word and our praise and songs to Him are seen and heard clearly and without distraction or interference within our local church and throughout the world as it’s broadcasted or distributed on media with the highest video, audio and production quality available. Grace Church uses a variety of multi-media devices including digital screens, digital sound boards, website social media and related hardware and software technologies. A team of volunteers provide delivery of the weekly worship experience and special events. 


Contact: Liz Adams

True Hearts is our 55 and older group. We meet weekly, Thursday's at 9:00 for Bible Study in the Fellowship Hall. We meet quarterly for a covered dish luncheon, and they sponsor different ministry opportunities throughout the year. A couple of times a year, the True Hearts group takes a trip together to various local interests.