Putting Your Well-Being First

Grace Church members and visitors –

The world is in desperate need of a unified, loving, and gracious church.  We believe the Lord is doing something special in our time.  Emotional pain and suffering are at the highest we can remember seeing our lives.  Jesus Christ is the answer and you are His instrument.  We have the most important message in the history of the world to share.


1) If you are a high risk category, we encourage you to continue to use great wisdom in coming back to “in person” services.  Please call us and we will help you make this decision if you need.  Please feel no guilt and make the decision that is best for your health.  We will be here when you can come back and will welcome you with “socially distanced” open arms.


2) We will have one worship service each Sunday at 10 am and mid-week devotion each Wednesday at 6:30 pm allowing for spaced out seating on the sanctuary with overflow in the fellowship hall.  These services will also be broadcast online. 


3) We will not “pass the plate.”  We have offering boxes set up at both exits of the sanctuary.  Also, online giving is still an option.


4) Communion is the first Sunday of the month.  We will have prepacked individual serving communion cups for you to get as you come in this Sunday.  There are plenty.  We will do communion last in the service so that you can place your used communion cups in the trash on the way out.


5) Please wear a mask.  We will have some masks available for you, but please bring your own and wear it for the safety of others.  Please do not hug or touch others.  



Elders of Grace Church

11/16/20 Update

COVID-19 Updates

Dear Grace Church,


I wanted to give you a quick update in regards to Covid. First, it has been a real joy to be back together in one service. We have the chairs socially distanced as well as additional chairs in the Fellowship Hall with a live stream. We continue to offer Children's Church and Youth Activities.


I ask that we continue to show a good deal of caution as we interact with others. I know Covid has been going on a while, and it is human nature to begin to loosen our behavior patterns. The virus is still active in our community. Please be considerate to those around you: wear a mask and keep your distance.


If you are still concerned about coming to church, please feel free to stay home. If you need some phone conversations or contact of some kind, please call the church. Trust me, you are missed and I do not want you to feel alone. We will be here when you come back.


If you are showing any signs of sickness stay home and consult a medical professional. If you have been quarantined from work or school, please stay home and away from all church activities. If you are having trouble knowing what to do, please give me a call, and we can talk through what might be the best course of action.


Our ability to keep meeting in person is linked to the level of responsibility and respect we show to each other.


I pray for you often. Let us not grow weary in prayer. May the Lord bless our church as we continue to endure through this time. May His church be a shining light to the world around us.



Don Caulley

Lead Pastor

Grace Church of Perry -- 1736 Houston Lake Rd. -- Perry,  GA 31069 -- (478) 987-4722


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